Doing Business at a Zimmer

A Zimmer, that unique type of Israeli guest house, can be the perfect place to host a business conference. For one thing, the price at a Zimmer tends to be lower than you would pay to rent a conference hall. And since Zimmers are often in rural areas, it’s just easier to get down to … well, business. It’s quieter and easier to concentrate out in the country. Here are two good choices for hosting a Zimmer business conference.
Machtesh Ramon

Photo: Avi-Yotham, CC BY-SA 3.0

Mitzpe Ramon

Tucked just below the Ramon Crater in Israel’s Negev region,  is the perfect place for a no-frills business conference. It’s clean. The staff is friendly, the food is kosher and the breakfast is amazing (order other meals in advance).
The air-conditioned rooms are practically designed and comfortable and there’s plentiful hot water in the bathrooms. Also, the kosher food is kosher l’mehadrin, which can be important, depending upon the needs of your business associates. The all-purpose conference hall seats 150 and there are two smaller rooms containing audiovisual equipment. The dining room can also be reserved for conferences with meals included. Hosting your business conference in an area that’s interesting for exploration is helpful in putting your associates in a receptive mood. Mitzpe Ramon is the perfect place for exploring.

Ramon Crater

At the site of the crater (Makhtesh Ramon), visitors will ooh and ah over the forms and colors of the looming clay hills in phantasmagoric red and yellow. There are also several mountains rising up from the crater’s borders: Mt. Ramon, Mt. Ardon, Mt. Marpek (meaning elbow), and Mt. Katum (meaning chopped). One can see some of the smaller spiral fossils known as “ammonite” along the hills at the northeastern crater edge. Check out the now-inactive volcano known as Givat Ga’ash, which is completely black due to the transformation of lava into basalt as it hit cool air. The black Shen Ramon, or Ramon’s Tooth –  sharp edges of rock popping up through the earth –  can also be seen here. Formed from magma that hardened below ground and later emerged from the earth’s surface through small fissures, the ebony-colored Shen Ramon offers a clear contrast to the cream-colored south wall of the crater.
Ramot Menashe Park

Photo: זינה שיך-יוסף, CC BY 2.5

Kibbutz Dalia

A great bed and breakfast Zimmer is located on Kibbutz Dalia in the Galilee section of Northern Israel. The Zimmer offers a total of 25 rooms, including wooden cabins suitable for families, luxury suites, guest rooms suited to double-occupancy and, of course, business rooms for conferencing. The Zimmer serves a high-quality kosher breakfast based on locally produced goat cheese and jams, breads and delicious salads. This zimmer offers a perfect setting for day-long seminars and extended conferences. The Zimmer has a business lounge containing several smaller rooms for meetings of up to 12 people. There’s also a larger room for up to 60 people. The staff is experienced and helpful in arranging and hosting all sorts of professional business events, down to the smallest detail. Light refreshments can be arranged and there’s a computer area with a fast Wi-Fi connection available for your business needs. During free hours, your business associates can read books or newspapers in the library, get together with others in the various sitting areas, or watch television on a plasma-screen TV. The food  is under the supervision of Megiddo Regional Council Rabbi Menashe Tayari. Dairy breakfast, brunch and snacks can be arranged for groups, as can lunch and dinner buffets (dairy or meat, according to preference).
House in Zichron Yaakov

Photo: Ilana Shkonik, CC BY 2.5

Zichron Yaakov

When your associates need a break from conferencing, they can check out such local attractions as the Ramot Menashe Park, where one can view indigenous flora such as carob, pine, oak and terebinth trees; Cyclamen Hill, which is covered with the beautiful upside-down blooms in winter; Zichron Yaakov, a settlement founded in the late 19th century; The Ghetto Fighter’s House, which celebrates the history of Jewish heroism; horseback riding, cycling and jeep tours.

Did You Know?

Kibbutz Dalia was formed by combining two kibbutzim affiliated with the Young Guard (Hashomer Hatza’ir) movement, BaMaaleh and BaMifneh.