Quiet Zimmers

Zimmer Jacuzzi

Vacationing means different things to different people at different times. Sometimes, for instance, people just want to get away from it all and get some peace and quiet — and that’s  perfectly legitimate! We’ve gathered a few examples of Israeli Zimmers that offer a calm respite from work, from the city, or whatever else that’s making you crazy. Regain your sanity with a stay at one of these oh-so-quiet gems.
Cabin in desert

Photo: Boaz Ido®

Western Galilee

Starting off in Matat in the Western Galilee, check out a place that’s all about getting back to basics and restoring your equilibrium. Travel light — you’ll get a warm welcome from your hosts, but getting to either of the two log cabins is not for the faint of heart. You’ll need to traverse a downward staircase of some 100 wooden steps to get to your lodgings. Once inside your wooden cabin with its rustic furniture, you’ll feel secluded from everything except the blessed quiet. There’s a balcony with a hammock that’s perfect for enjoying the view of the valley below. This zimmer has a Jacuzzi in the bedroom and a hot tub outside, completely surrounded by trees. The kitchenette is well-stocked with simple foods like homemade bread, eggs, milk and jam. The hosts provide guests with a bottle of their special homemade cherry liqueur.

Kfar Hanania, Kinneret

Another gem tucked into the hills and mountains of the green Galilee is a quiet, peaceful space  located in the village of Kfar Hanania. This Zimmer comes with breathtaking views of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee).
outdoor pool

Photo: Or Bahar®

The loft comes with two Jacuzzis: one inside the suite and a second Jacuzzi on the balcony with a wide open view of the mountains and the sea. There is also family friendly space with a zimmer that has a separate bedroom for parents and a large zimmer suitable for larger families that comes with an eye catching view and Jacuzzi.  Friendly staff await you at this peaceful oasis. Historically, Kfar Hanania is named after the eponymous settlement mentioned in the Mishnah (Oral Torah), which was said to be situated along the border between Lower and Upper Galilee. Scholars were known to meet and study in this area, including Rabbi Halafta ben Dosa and Rabbi Hanania ben Akavia, who are both buried in the area.

The Spice Route

Avdat, Ramat Negev Desert

If the desert is more your cup of tea, arrange to stay at a farm at the center of the Ramat Negev Desert region.
Ramat Negev desert

Photo: Felagund, CC BY-SA 3.0

Avdat was established along the Spice Route, the centuries’ old trading route traveled by Yemeni caravans packed with spices and perfumes along their way to Gaza Port. The guest cottages at this zimmer were built with the environment in mind, taking into account such factors as the direction of the desert winds and the course of the sun each day. So effective was this planning that the lodgings stay cool in summer and are naturally warm in winter. The air-conditioned cottages blend into their natural desert surroundings and include a well-appointed kitchen, bedroom, dining room, luxury bath, toilets that are both ecologically and biologically friendly, and serene sitting nooks both in and out of doors.

Holistic Treatments

Holistic treatments are offered, including reflexology, Shiatsu, crystal therapy and Swedish massage. You’ll work out all the knots in your muscles and come back to yourself as you experience the endless calm of the desert.

Did You Know?

You can support small scale Israel farmers who produce organically grown, kosher certified produce from the challenging Negev landscape including an Eucalyptus honey  produced by Edward Philipov and olives from Doron Akiva at Ezuz.