Zimmer in Israel

Travelers are just beginning to discover the zimmer in Israel (also spelled tzimmer). Zimmers in Israel are like a variation on the Bed & Breakfast offering a spacious alternative to standard hotel accommodations. Generally private, zimmers in Israel are similar in their concept of a private personal lodging experience, but they offer more options and experiences then a traditional American B&B. Zimmers can include private log cabins, guesthouses and apartments with more space than a hotel, freedom to come and go and often the ability to dine on sumptuous meals. And, at the same time, the level of luxury at a zimmer can be far beyond that offered by a hotel. While a zimmer in Israel can be found just about anywhere, they are most plentiful in the Negev and Galilee regions, which are the rural outskirts of the country. There are zimmers in Israel to suit every type of tourist. Here are a few of the more unusual offerings.
eco hut

Photo: רינת בשן®

Eco Hut in the Negev

Unique Accomodations in Israel

The zimmer of “eco huts” located in the Paran Desert in Israel’s Arava region offers a choice of 9 “eco huts,” green lodgings built by the owners from mud bricks and straw. If you care about the environment, this may be the perfect zimmer for you. Electricity is provided through the use of solar panels. Gray water from the kitchen and showers is redirected to the desert.

Striking Negev Vista

The huts at this zimmer are equipped with private bathrooms complete with showers and composting toilets, and all have private yards with bonfire areas, pre-stacked with wood. Guests have free use of a communal kitchen. Wi-Fi, the outdoor swimming pool, and parking are free. Best of all is the striking vista of the Negev desert landscape which spreads across an endless stretch of time and space. The proprietors are happy to arrange desert hiking trips to Wadi Tzofar where one finds shark’s teeth which are more than 70 million years old, from a time when the desert was covered with water. Guests can also take a mud-building or archery workshop on the premises. The bus stop is a ten-minute walk from the zimmer.

Zimmer in Israel for the Ecologically Minded

Another ecologically-minded zimmer in the Arava can be found at Moshav Hatzeva.While the family-sized huts (many with wheelchair access) are made of mud bricks, this zimmer is a resort with desert attitude. Throughout the zimmer are intimate corners just made for meditative calm with their boundaries created from hammocks, colorful rugs, and pillows. You’ll feel like a desert sheik.
breakfast at lodge

Photo: רינת בשן®

Knowledgeable Help 

Relax in a Jacuzzi while catching up on your favorite TV shows. There’s also table tennis and a petting zoo for the little ones. Get knowledgeable help from the proprietors in planning your day trips around the Arava. Another specialty of this sumptuous zimmer is spa treatments. Have a massage that combines Thai and Tuina disciplines and you’ll feel you could hike the length and breadth of the desert. Each hut comes with a private balcony offering striking desert views along with a fully-outfitted kitchenette. Wi-Fi is free throughout the zimmer. Guests also have free use of a common kitchen and outdoor hydromassage pools. The staff provides shuttle service to the bus stop where one can get a bus to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, or Eilat.

Upper Galilee

If you’ve had your fill of the desert, you may be ready to visit Upper Galilee. Pause at a zimmer in She’ar-Yeshuv where the views are spectacular, the surroundings serene, and the food is simple sumptuous. This zimmer is situated on 10,000 sq. meters of orchards and gardens which provide all the produce for the (non-Kosher) gourmet meals served communal style at a long wooden table. Dig into offerings such as Baby Denise fish stuffed with pickled lemon, served on green sesame tehina with Mushroom risotto.
dining at the inn

Photo: אריק בלטינשטר – גלריה לצילום®

Complete Privacy

A local Wi-Fi network makes it easy for guests to stay plugged in. The zimmer’s infrastructure makes it a great place to host executive workshops or VIP client meetings. Guests have complete privacy and can make use of the large screening area, small rooms suitable for group meetings, and state of the art audio-visual props. Reserve a spot in meditation, wildlife photography, or painting workshops here or take a dip in an outdoor Jacuzzi. Enjoyable local attractions include horse-back riding, wildlife observation, and hunting.

Did You Know?

That zimmers are graded by the government?  The IBB Zimmer grading system compares 140 different criteria against international standards and grades zimmer rooms according to standards A, B and C denoting levels of quality and service. A sign bearing the IBB grade is affixed to a zimmer’s entrance if it has been reviewed.